Mount Pleasant Memory CareContact usA LOVING, PERSON CENTERED APPROACH

Our Mission For Stand Alone Memory Care

Our mission is to enhance and enrich the lives of individuals living with dementia through a loving and person centered approach to memory care. We believe that individuals living with dementia deserve to live a life that is full of joy, purpose, and dignity. Our goal is to provide a safe, loving, and supportive environment that promotes physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental health.

Award Winning Memory Care Community

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to love. We create a warm and welcoming environment where individuals living with dementia feel valued. We believe that love is the key to unlocking the potential for joy and fulfillment in the lives of individuals living with dementia. As a team dedicated to dementia care we are committed to providing compassionate loving care that promotes physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health. As you search for the perfect memory care community for you or a loved one to reside, click the image to explore, and use the contact form to schedule a tour.

Comforts of Home

At Ortega Gardens, we emphasize the comfort of a homelike environment, designed to be nurturing and familiar. We encourage each resident to incorporate favorite comforts of home into their accommodations, making each room personal and unique to your loved one. Common areas are warm and welcoming, encouraging our residents to visit and relax in many of the comfortable areas throughout the community.

Until There‘s A Cure, There’s Care.

Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care® enhances life and relationships of those living with brain change by fostering an inclusive global community.

Using our talents and abilities to develop awareness, knowledge, and skill with all people to transform what exists into a more positive dementia care culture.